Founder of “Moguls in Media”, Darcel Laurie talks with us about an entrepreneurs life and dealing wi

About Darcel:

Darcel Laurie founded Moguls in Media™ and is the author of “Tired of One Night Stands With Success: I want a fully committed relationship” . She is a Journalist from the Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania. You can see her work published in Sheen Magazine and Industry Rules Magazine. Darcel has been featured on Fox 29 philly, WDAS 105.3fm, Power 99fm, Big Bad Radio and so much more.

Darcel started Moguls in Media™ to empower women in their respected industries as a mogul. When Darcel started her journey in journalism covering New York Fashion Week...

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1. What is your background?

"My background is in the Non-Profit Sector. I am passionate about helping others. I have a heart for people."

2. What inspired you to take the Entrepreneur route?

"I never had a desire to retire from any job I was working. I came to understand that I was meant to be an entrepreneur. I firmly believe when your back is against the wall you’re forced to get creative. And when I was unemployed several years ago, I was applying to different jobs and opportunities. One of the opportunities, happened to be an EXTRA on LaLa's Full Court Life. That exposure to a different world than my usual, saved my life. My eyes were opened to a world of different possibilities. And I went home a changed woman."

3. What is one of the highest hurdles you have had to overcome?

"One of the highest hurdles I had to overcome was fear. Fear of speaking up, Fear of letting go, Fear of putting myself out there, etc...Once I overcame that, I now feel like there's nothing I can't do."

4. What do you do to handle failure?

"Failure is tough for anyone. However, for me, it would send me into a depression. That is another hurdle that I had to overcome. I had to learn that failure is only a moment in time not a definition of who I am."

5. Who inspires you?

"I am inspired by not only my mom, but so many other amazing women like Michelle Obama and Oprah. All 3 of them are the definition of beauty, strength, and resilience."

6. What kinds of resources do you use to learn and invest into your mental?

"I have spent thousands of dollars on workshops, webinars, conferences, books, etc... Also, I believe in YouTube University, learning from Vloggers is always a great FREE resource. And lastly, but surely not least, church. I believe in always keeping my spiritual self just as important as my mental."

7. What would you say is the best way to incite brand collaborations?

"I firmly believe it doesn't hurt to ask. You'd be surprised who shares your vision and would be willing to collaborate. Just ask, the worst someone can say is no."

8. Why is investing in your brand important?

"If you don't invest in yourself or your brand no one else will. You have to believe in your brand before anyone else will."

9. What are some things we can expect from you in 2018?

"My goal is truly focus on putting my book in as many hands as possible. I want to impact people's lives for the better. So my goal this year is to gain as much exposure as possible. I want to speak at more events. I want mentor more brands. I want to see not only my life but everyone else's go to the next level."

10. What are some of your most appreciated accomplishments?

"I am so proud my book right now. It has been years in the making and its finally here! Tired of One Night Stands With Success: I want a fully committed relationship was a labor of love, time and effort to inspire. I want people to stop holding off on their ideas and turn them into a reality. I want people to have a relationship with suc

cess. Its important date your idea with the intention of marriage."

11. Where can people connect with you?

"People can connect with me on social media @DarcelWorld or learn more about my business on or my book and its upcoming launch event at

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