Channell Royal encourages and pours into women in more ways than one, today we honor her.

About Channell:

My background is in healthcare where I've held titles such as Billing and Collections Specialist, Certified Dermatology Coder, Front office Lead and Accounts Receivable for the past 18 years. My Brand is Channell Naturallyroyal which was the easiest way I could incorporate all things Natural and Royal. It began as a way for me to express the many talents I have such as Natural hair, Loc Maintenance, and Crochet braids. I always say that servicing Natural hair clients is just my doorway into what my main passion is; to inspire and motivate women to live there life Shamelessly and Intentionally. It's a brand that is Authentic, Audacious and Ambitious enough to encourage other sisters through my personal journey to self.

Dei: What inspired you to take the Entrepreneur route

What inspired me was a few turned down job opportunities for advancement. The amount of control that a corporation could have over my emotions and finances just didn't sit right with me. I decided to take my happiness back.

Dei: What is one of the highest hurdles you have had to overcome?

Channell: Highest hurdles would have to be the dark space prior to "Be InTentional". Being able to make choices for my life without the approval of others. Becoming confident in my own opinion and advice, because all of these hurdles were the gateway into my greatness.

Dei: What do you do to handle failure?

Channell: To handle failure I review and inspect for the message and the lesson.

Dei: Who inspires you?

Channell: Who inspired me? If I had to choose a specific person I'd have to say my Sorority sister Meko Taylor. If generalized, I say every young women (teen) I come in contact with that is choosing to be unapologetic and secure in herself.

Dei: What kinds of resources do you use to learn and invest into your mental?

Channell: All types of resources such as Affirmations, sticky notes in my most frequent places, and open and raw conversations with women that are willing to explore but are sometimes overlooked. I also love to sing, pray and listen to many self help podcasts.

Dei: What would you say is the best way to incite brand collaborations?

Channell: The best way to make colabs with brands is to honestly Be Shameless and Be You. Be InTentional about your why for working with them and don't be afraid to approach the individual no matter your statics.

Dei: Why is investing in your brand important?

Channell: It's important to invest into your brand because it shows how dedicated you are. To risk and support your own dream FIRST. It also is that personal push for greater to greet you.

Dei: What are some things we can expect from you in 2018?

Channell: What to expect from me is : the showcase of The Be InTentional Tribe, The How to Guide to InTention Webinar, and our very first meet up.

Dei:What are some of your most appreciated accomplishments?

Channell: My most appreciated accomplishments was speaking at my very first Women's Empowerment conference in 2016 called "My Sister's Keeper". Also being the Moderator for the Self Love segment of WBC 2nd Annual Stepping N 2 Sisterhood Orlando. Singing with a live band as background at the Star 94.5 Block Party 2016 event here in Orlando, FL and lead sing for the live band.

Dei: Where can people connect with you?

Channell: You can find me on my website at : www.channellnaturallyroyal.comInstagram: channellnaturallyroyal Facebook: She A Royal

Or anywhere the beautiful ladies of Women By Choice are!

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