We are taking this #GirlGang Wednesday to honor "The Beauty Initiative". A powerhouse non-

About the Beauty Initiative:

The Beauty Initiative Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides hygiene to those experiencing homelessness and/or financial hardship in hopes to provide a healthy lifestyle and restore dignity. We are built on several initiatives that provide different services and tangible items to share the importance of hygiene.

Our inaugural initiative, Help Her, period provides menstrual supplies to women that are homeless and girls in schools. We have provided over 3,000 bags filled with 40+ items after collecting over 130,000 items in one year.

2. What inspired you to take the Entrepreneur/Non-Profit route?

I tell everyone that my parents built me to think like an entrepreneur! They have always urged me to be a leader, think deep to find a solution to a problem and to always go the extra mile. So after having a successful private label cosmetic line I shared my talent with a local women’s shelter. Even though I was not getting paid I still was able to birth the nonprofit. With my love for business and knowledge I am able to master the process.

3. What is one of the highest hurdles you have had to overcome?

The highest hurdle to date is not securing large brand partnerships. It is difficult to be so passionate about your mission and obtain some level of success in your field then to get denied. Yet we have never lacked with the products we needed to donate to a woman in need. So initially it was a hurdle but I had to either jump over it and keep going....or stall to try to figure out why. I chose to JUMP and continue the race.

4. What do you do to handle failure?

I evaluate the failure. To recognize what I could’ve done better and what I would not change. Should my approach be different? Was I adequately prepared? How can I ensure I don’t fail again? Before I became disappointed but if I don’t prepare for the next opportunity I will not be able to serve the women I love serving. So it’s a must to discover why I failed and move forward.

5. Who inspires you?

My biggest are the women who stand beside me in this mission. My family and friends supported my crazy thought to throw a 30th birthday party that consisted of packing tampons and pads from the beginning! These women encourage me during my lowest points and elevate me higher on the days I feel the I’m on top of the world. They inspire me in so many ways and are my true pushers. I may have initiated the mission, but they are the true SHEroes!

6. What kinds of resources do you use to learn and invest into your mental?

I invest my time in Prayer, mediation and definitely therapy. Therapy has changed my life. I’m a definite advocate for caring for your mental health. Self care is more than just performing a beauty trend for yourself. It’s ensuring that your mental health is just as aligned as any other health in life. I love reading so any book that will teach me more about self help i definitely invest in.

7. What would you say is the most important thing you've learned this far as a non-profit?

The most important lesson I have learned from leading a nonprofit is that you work just as hard an entrepreneur with a for-profit company. The difference is that passion and purpose will sustain you since we do not collect revenue. I do this for free but I have definitely rewards me in blessings.

8. Why is charity so important to you?

Charity is important because it’s something we ALL should do. I distribute hygiene necessities, that’s my part. Someone else’s part maybe food, clothing, and tutoring a student in need. But if everyone did their part imagine how many we could help? Charity is important because serving is my calling.

9. What are some things we can expect from you in 2018?

2018 has been amazing thus far, but we have a lot planned. Definitely traveling to other states to serve the women and homeless. We are launching our next Initiative “HygieneU: Hygiene University” a hands-on workshop for students in schools.

10. What are some of your most appreciated accomplishments?

Distributing over 3,000 bags in one year.

Exceeding our goal of 100,000 with 137,000 products donated in one year.

Being chosen as the “GEM of the Year” for my work with my first partner facility.

11. Where can people connect with you?

We are very social!

Instagram: @beautyinitiativeinc

Facebook : The Beauty Initiative Inc

Twitter : @btyinitiative


12. Who do you nominate for Success on Demand?

I would nominate Tierro of Educated Queen LLC. Her brand is one that is empowering not just to the woman wearing one of her tshirts, but to every woman that sees it. It reminds her that she is an “Educated Queen”.

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