Angie Colins is helping us to put coins BACK in our pockets. #GirlGangWednesday

1) What is your background?

-Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur I was an Account Manager in the consumer food industry.

2) What inspired you to take the Entrepreneur route?

-Initially when I began my journey it was to earn some additional income, however once I began to surpass my full-time income from my part-time efforts I decided to go full-time. I worked on myself and developed the belief in me that "I can do this".

3) What is one of the highest hurdles you have had to overcome?

-My largest hurdle and biggest reward has been educating the average individual on how they can overcome their own self-imposed doubts, to realize they can get out of their own way and become successful entrepreneurs. Working on your mindset/ belief system takes time and commitment because the average person is groomed to work for someone, not create work.

4) What do you do to handle failure?

-In life you're going to face setbacks and disappointments . It's really about how you handle what's thrown at you in any given situation. I don't really see setbacks as failures but more so as a learning experience to set a new goal to work towards and fufill.

5) Who inspires you?

-I am inspired by many different people. I am inspired from a personal standpoint by my parents and grandparents who persevered to provide better for me and my brother. On a broader scale I look at an Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama and see what is possible, and realize the only limits are the limits that we put on ourselves. I am proud & inspired by Dei setting up her own FB group to bring positive and like-minded individuals together. I am inspired by individuals who take control of their destiny because it pushes me to continue to better myself. In life as you look around, inspirations are everywhere.

6) What kinds of resources do you use to learn and invest into your mental?

-Over the years I've read/ listened to books, attended a lot of seminars, & still listen to tapes in my car. I think I'm dating myself when I say tapes in my car!

7) What would you say is the best way to incite brand collaborations?

-My business model is pretty simple & straightforward, from time to time I do conduct speaking events with others.

8) Why is investing in your brand important?

-I invest my time in projects that I believe the masses can benefit from. I don't like to over-complicate things, I believe we should work smarter not harder. Life is about living! With that said, one of the individuals I admire most is Warren Buffett. He made a statement that basically said "You need to learn how to earn income 24 hours a day". For the average individual who works & gets paid, they don't get it. But when you figure out how to earn income while you're sleeping that's when you know you've made it. That inspires me!

9) What are some things we can expect from you in 2018?

-In 2018 I'd like to continue to help others reach their full potential. I've concentrated mostly in the U.S. however I'm looking forward to expanding internationally. What a tax write-off travel and getting paid to do so would be.

10) What are some of your most appreciated accomplishments?

-To fully understand the most appreciated accomplishments I prefer hearing from the people l've helped to succeed. Knowing that I've played a small role in helping a mother to not have to go to a job, and be able to stay home and raise her children. And to help those children that were loved by their parents, to now be able to see to it that their parents do not have to worry about financial obligations. And Personally, being there for my parents so that money is not an issue.

The teacher in me loves it when I see others succeed. Even more when they, in turn, pass that knowledge on to others to help them have a life-altering experience, is an unbelievable good feeling. It's not just about the money, but what the extra income can do to improve the lives that we lead and help those that we care for.

11) How could your business help individuals to produce more income?

-I work with individuals who are ready to make a commitment for change. If they can commit to 5-10 hours a week, I mentor them on what is needed to earn the kind of income they tell me they want to earn. We then work on a game plan to discuss what they want from a part-time or full-time business opportunity.

12) Where can people connect with you?

-For anyone serious about learning how to earn income from home they can contact me via FB messenger (Angie Collins) or email at

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