10 Travel hacks that put money back into your business.

As an entrepreneur traveling can become quite expensive and equally annoying. So today, I've decided to give you 10 dependable travel hacks that help put coins BACK in your pocket.

1. Never Pay for water at the airport. Since bringing liquids onto a flight have become quite the hassle, save money by bringing an empty water bottle and filling it after you have already passed through security. No $7 bottles of water for you!

2. Turn on "Private Browsing" for cheaper flights online. For Apple users this is called browsing in an incognito window. For Windows users, just select private browsing. Airlines often raise prices simply because you've searched a flight multiple times. This hack works if you're watching a flight for price changes. You'll be surprised how much you can save by using this handy hack.

3. Buy a portable phone charger. One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs can make is not being accessible. Not to say that you should be available 24 hours a day, that's ludicrous, but during standard business hours yes! Don't miss that sale simply because you were out of town with a dead phone.

4.Use ATMs/Cash Machines to get local currency. Going to an actual Currency Exchange provider can be pricy compared to paying your Banks international withdrawal rate, which can be between $0.00-8.00. You can even research your rates ahead of time.

5.Apply to be a Market Researcher in the Country you're traveling to. This can be pretty cool since companies are always looking for people to test their products. Things like free meals, drinks, films, and attractions put major coins back in your pocket.

6. Ship your packages before hand. This is important because airlines can literally charge you upwards of $50 to carry extra luggage. Why not ship your packages before you get to the airport? Save even more by getting a subscription with a company like Stamps.com, which grants you discounted shipping rates.

7.Freeze your water. This is another water hack for people trying to beat the system! Since you can't take water in it's liquid state through TSA, just freeze it! As long as it is in its solid form you're good to go!

8. Get yourself some WIFI! It's pays to buy WiFi before hand if your flight doesn't offer it free. That way you're not buying it out of impulse once you're on board! The WIFI rates can get pretty wild.

9. Rent a car from Costco. If you're road-tripping, Costco's low price finder tool can help you find the cheapest rentals in your area. If you're a member, you could even have your additional driver fee waived ($25+ Value).

10. Plan ahead! This is by far one of the most important! By getting a head start on planning, you could save $100's of dollars. Beat the rush, find the best prices, make changes, and get those deals!

Share some of your favorite tips for saving money while traveling! Can't wait to hear them. #TribeofProfitableDreams

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